Blissful Backyard Wedding

June 3, 2017: A magical day filled with love, laughter, and beauty. Each detail fell into place perfectly and delicately as the day unfolded. The groom's parents hosted the event in their beautiful Doylestown residence tucked away near country fields and cozy woods. Each item was hand chosen and orchestrated by the bride; from the linens all the way to the champagne glasses. Flecks of gold, blush pinks, bold greens, and twinkly lights filled the atmosphere with romance and whimsy.

The ceremony took place at Peace Valley Park just minutes away. Guests were seated in a vast meadow that overlooked a lake. The sun was high as the bridal party congregated for the nuptials to begin. As Samantha walked down the aisle towards Ben a slight breeze kicked up creating a sense of dreamlike movement. The touching and happy ceremony was the perfect lead to the romantic reception that followed.

Guests and the bridal party moved their way back to the Krauss residence where the sun was setting and the candle lights were sparkling. Libations were being passed, the smell of fresh food from the grills filled the air, the sound laughter and jovial banter enveloped the backyard along with the sweet sound from the jazz band playing favorites from an era passed. Great friends of the bride and groom provided their services to the occasion making it that much more personal and romantic.

Please enjoy this small story from Ben and Samantha's big day.


HAIR AND MAKE-UP - Daneen Jensen & Assoc. Artist: Kim

FLORALS - Mom's Flower Shoppe, Jamison, PA

MUSIC - Dan Martin Music

LIBATIONS - Abomination Brewing Co.

CATERING - Terry's Italian Restaurant

PHOTOGRAPHY - Good Vibes Photography

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