Country Chic Wedding

Boots and diamonds, cowboy hats and flowers, jewels and bullets, a Pomeranian and a quarter horse too. The Hubbell wedding was nothing short of spectacular and each detail was placed to perfection.

Liberty Fields Farm transformed their horse riding arena and stables into a bride's dream wedding site. After laying carpet and dance floors over the dirt, handmade solid wood tables and benches were set up, a bar was erected made of pallets, trellis chandeliers decorated in florals with vintage bulbs were hung, a wooden platform was placed over the dance floor with a victorian couch and spectacular twinkling woodland backdrop to showcase the new Mr. and Mrs. The ceremony site was laid with tea light candles, baby's breath, and wooden inflection; like something straight out of Snow White. Not one single spot in this once arena was missed making it seem as though it was never meant for any other purpose.

Ali and Kyle glowed from rise and shine to time for goodnight. I've witnessed many "I do's" and heard many love stories. You can see the love in their eyes like fire; the way they looked at each other, they way they softly spoke their vows {like no one else should hear}, the care they took in leading each other through the night, and the fact that they never left each other's side for one-second showed that they truly met their soul mate in the other.

As the night unraveled and the sun set into a fiery sky the couple was serenaded by not only their close friends and family but also a very special guest flown in from Tennessee to perform their first dance, the lead singer of the group "Black Lillies." Blown away by this gift from the bride's mother they danced and sang long to every word soon being joined by their bridal party. From rapping maid of honor speeches, song dedications, and dance-offs on the floor the night was made light for fun and laughter.

Please enjoy my recount of one of the most beautiful weddings I've had the honor of shooting. To Ali, the bride and fellow photographer, I thank you for trusting me to take over camera duties for the day!

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