Sunset Session at Good Vibes Photography

Last night's sunset session with the Baer family was just the family session I needed to kick off the cold season! The textures and tones in the meadow were spectacular and the family was, of course, a joy to photograph. If you know me, you know I love a good toasty sunset and all the autumn colors.

I've decided to feature this family's portrait session for many reasons. The first reason is to show you what the new location of Good Vibes Photography will be! Yes, that's right, it's finally time. WE ARE MOVING! Photographed above you will see the 11 acre meadow of wild growth that will we will working towards making a dream setting for portraits season by season. Fall being one of my favorite seasons felt like the perfect opportunity to share with you a little sneak preview of the land. We will integrate wildflowers for spring and summer with hopefully some sunflowers to bridge over into the autumn season. It will be a work in progress but I am so excited to see what type of portrait magic we can make up there.

Another reason I wanted to share this session was because this family was just such a fun group to work with. THIS IS WHAT A FAMILY SESSION SHOULD BE! FUN! Of course, I always love to give each client a nice portrait of everyone smiling at the camera for their gallery wall but it's the moments of connection, laughter, love, emotion, and pure FAMILY that make this session and a lot of my sessions MAGICAL. I myself always gravitated towards printing the more candid of my own family's images. Ones where we are bursting into laughter, snuggling so hard we turn red, or just being caught off-guard doing the things that make us a family. I want all my client's image to explode with love, color, and connection.

Lastly, I shared the Baer family portrait session to show to my clients the importance of shooting at sunset as well as taking the guidance provided for "dressing for your session." This photoshoot was taken 35 minutes before sunset. The lighting gave us those nice warm tones (even though it was only 30 degrees outside), provided a well lit setting that wasn't too harsh on the skin or made for dodgy shadows, and, my favorite, gave me some delicious and twinkly bokeh to work with. If you can plan your session around sunset, I recommend you do so! It's just such an amazing ambiance!

Thanks for letting me share with you one of my favorite sessions and I hope you enjoyed the images of Skyla, Colton and their mom and dad!

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