What to expect...

So you've booked your session!

Now what? How do I prepare? What should I bring? What do I wear?

Getting Ready

You will receive a message from me regarding wardrobe do's and don'ts, best color combinations for the season, and some helpful tips on stylizing your shoot. In addition to wardrobe tips you will receive all the information needed for your specific session and even some suggestions of what to bring along.

The Session

Let the fun begin!

Full-length sessions can run between 45 minutes to an hour. It is really important for me to get to know my clients and connect with them during the session.  I especially love getting my clients to laugh! After all, this is about having fun and embracing our loved ones! Let me help you turn your portraits into something magical and memorable.


Portrait sessions should be a fun and unforgettable experience for all. Happiness is key! So let the stress of your day/week/month aside for a short while and just soak up some quality family time; I'll take care of the rest!

After the Session

Nothing beats instant gratification, am I right?


I do my best to get a 'sneak peek' of your session up on the Facebook page within the same day of the shoot {or at the most one day after}. Please be patient. The 'sneak peek' consists of a few of my favorite images from your session. You may share them, tag them; do whatever you like with them!

Your gallery from your session should be delivered to you no longer than one week of your session.


Please keep in mind that editing your images is a creative process. I am working diligently to deliver a beautifully edited end result and this may sometimes take a some time, love, and care. Because of this, I keep communication open throughout the editing process so you know what is happening with your images and have a clear timeline of when and how you will receive them.